Guinot Face Care

Hydradermie - double ionization - 60 min

A Guinot-exclusive care treatment that grants, from the very first use, beautiful skin like never before. Unique worldwide, this major innovation facilitates the quick and profound penetration of the active ingredients of the ionization treatment, for exceptional efficiency.

Hydradermie lift - "Immediate lift" treatment - 60 min

Brings about a "revolution of youthfulness", stimulating facial muscles into better tone and rejuvenating the skin through facial massage. Treats and tones skin and manages an in-depth restoration of features, through muscle stimulation. Muscles regain their tone and vitality, and the skin rejuvenates spectacularly from the first few sessions.

Hydradermie lift eye - Eye lifting treatment - 40 min

Focuses primarily on the muscles around the eyes, toning and firming them. From the very first session wrinkles fade, the corners of the eyes become smoother, and the eyes look rejuvenated.

Aromatic - beauty treatment with essential oils - 60 min

GUINOT has extracted from nature esential oils and herbal concentrates for its Aromatic treatment, which restores skin its natural beauty. Essential oils obtained from plants grown in sunny conditions bring the energy into the skin, from where it spreads to all cells. They bring luster to the complexion and immediatly refresh the skin.

Beaute Neuve - peeling treatment with regenerating effect - 90 min

Fatigue, stress or the simple passage of time contribute to the loss of radiance. The epidermis loses its radiance due to the layer of dehydrated cells at its surface, cellular renewal slows down and, thus, the complexion becomes flat and congested. A Beaute Neuve treatment will remove these cells and will help the skin breathe again. Cellular renewal is accelerated and the complexion becomes beautiful and radiant.

Liftosome - regeneration and lifting treatment - 90 min

An extremely delicate treatment for restoring firmness and youthfulness to the skin, due to its Pro-Collagen Concentrate active ingredient and the lifting effect of the Thermolift Mask. Recreates your face's youth and firmness, erasing the effects of time, restores radiance and vitality, removing signs of fatigue.


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