Anthelia Depilation

Anthelia - permanent photoepilation, photorejuvenation, phot odepigmentation and photo vascularization

Wrinkles, hairs and pigmented areas can become distant memories after sessions with the intense pulsed light system.

Photoepilation - the permanent removal of black, brown hair on light and dark skin phototypes, even of extremely fine hairs.

Permanent photoepilation of white or blond hair - technique invented, patented and launched by Efb Beaute Paris

Anti-aging effect - reduces wrinkles and fine lines, stimulates collaged and elastin production, restores firmness and skin tone, gives radiance to the skin

Ance - successfully treats acne, reducing the inflammatory process and controlling bacterial flora, regulates the production of sebaceous glands.

Pigmentation marks - removes marks caused by excess melanin due to solar exposure, reduces signs of skin aging.


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