Lipomassage & Endermolift

LPG - Cellu M6 Endermolab - Lipomassage - 35 min

Lipomassage begins where diets and physical exercise fail to provide results!

The latest generation of LPG equipment, CELLU M6 Endermolab combines 2 ENDERMOLOGIE techniques, for high-precision facial and body treatments. This veritable ENDERMOLOGIE laboratory combines power and elegance for never before seen technological prowess.

This exclusive cellular stimulation technique permits for a 100% natural treatment of connective tissue transformations for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes.

Cellu M6 efficiently treats all types of cellulite:

  • compact, fibrous cellulite
  • edematous cellulite - with water retention
  • painful cellulite
  • old or new (post-pregnancy) cellulite

For the body, three types of independently-motorized rollers allow the system to act on the tissue in both directions.

  • Roll in - for WEIGHT LOSS (fibrous cellulite and deep adipose): Sets off lipolysis (breakdown of fat) in adipocytes (fat cells)
  • Roll out - for FIRMNESS (tonus and microcirculation) Stimulates fibroblasts, strengthening the extracellular collagen matrix and elastin fibers for a toned, firm skin
  • Roll up - for REMODELLING (classic cellulite, contouring, saggy skin) Breaks down uneven fat distribution, tightens skins, eliminating the dimpled aspect.


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Monday - Saturday: 08.00 - 22.00

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