Body Wraps

Prepare for a total beauty experience from which your body shall emerge toned, ferm and cellulite-free. Let yourself be pampered by skilled hands and accept the challenge of a body wrap, and your skin will thank you, breathing freely, finer and more elastic.

Parafango body wraps - 90 min

Parafango is a specal mix of thalassic mud, paraffin, mineral nutrients and caffeine.
The treatment exfoliates, nourishes and relaxes the skin. The skin, now free of toxins, retains a smooth and silky look.

Parafango body wraps detoxify, exfoliate, nourish and relax the skin. The skin, now free of toxins, retains a smooth and silky look. Fat deposits and stretch marks on waist, hips, knees and legs can be reduced wit heat and natural substances found in thalassic mud. Results: after the first session a reduction in cellulite can be observed, as well as much smoother and elastic skin; stretch marks will mend after 3 intensive sessions!


  • Cellulite reduction by up to 30% after 12 / 14 intensive sessions
  • Nursed stretch marks
  • Skin toning
  • Body weight management
  • Activated blood circulation

Cold body wraps - 45 min

This treatment shows immediate results, with a reduction of body measurements by 1 - 4 cm after the first session, even up to 5 cm on waist and hips. The body is remodeled, the skin is ferm and taut as if from a lifting, unevennesses dissapear together with extra centimeters. Good blood flow is restored to problem areas, stabilizing the anti-cellulite and volume loss effect.

Thalassalgo Body wraps - 45 min

You cannot even begin to image the wonders marine algae can work, and how fast you can remodel your body with Thalassalgo body wraps. This procedure is designed for combating cellulite and weight loss. Thalassalgo is a natural treatment based on a forte complex of four natural marine algae, preparea on the spot for each client. Its excellent effects can be felt after 2-3 intensive sessions, and a complete program leads to going down at least 2 dress sizes. The effects manifest even 20 - 25 days after completing the treatment, continuing the weigh-loss and remodeling process.

Thermo-reducing treatment

The thermo-reducing treatment is a new technique of eliminating liquid from tissues, thus promoting an improved blood circulation at dermal level, improved activity at cellular level, weight loss and cellulite reduction.
The procedure is an alternative to saunas and is recommended to those with low tolerance for high sauna temperatures.


  • Accelerates weight reduction and prevents fat deposits in the body
  • Accelerates lipolysis through perspiration, to discharge through skin
  • Accelerates the metabolism and eliminates fatigue
  • Improves immune system reaction


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