Body Shaping Solutions

Ultratone Futura PRO – Bio-stimulation - 45 min

Ultratone Futura Pro is the only system in the world that uses bioelectrical currents (currents identical to the one in the human body), using up to 44 types of waves. Using bio-stimulation, ultrasounds and microcurrents, this device addresses all the figure has: cellulite, slimming, toning, relaxation, cosmetics, sports and training. Bio-stimulation targets each muscle group, acting profoundly upon the tissue.

The treatment improves microcirculation and leads to the swift elimination of toxins.

Biostimulation provides the muscles with an activity akin to intense fitness exercises. Experts have concluded that 45 minutes of biostimulation equal 2-4 hours of non-stop gym. The effects of this treatment are visible, often even after the first session, with a slimming of between 1 - 4 cm.

Ultratone Futura Pro treatments:

  • Slimming and remodeling treatment (loss in cm, in kg, anticellulitic)
  • Toning treatment
  • Detox and drainage treatment
  • Sports training
  • Ultrasound


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Monday - Saturday: 08.00 - 22.00

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