Sauna Experience

Hammam / Wet Sauna / Turkish Bath

If you want to experience an Oriental-style relaxation, sample the virtues of hammam.

Hammam, also called turkish bath or wet sauna, works differently than dry sauna - room temperature is much lower (40°C to dry sauna's 100°C) and humidity can reach as high as 100%.

Steam is injected into the room through nozzles placed in bench walls. 


  • Skin pores open, allowing impurities to be eliminated
  • High temperature calms muscle tension and favors sweat-gland secretion, giving the skin a deep cleansing by eliminating toxins from the organism together with sweat.
  • Favors sleep and good rest

Vapor baths are beneficial to both beauty and health. Undertaken once a week, it is recommended for the following conditions: chronic fatigue, rheumatism, obesity, cellulite, respiratory conditions and some circulatory issues.

Hammam relaxes and eliminates stress, offering you a well-deserved rest and ensuring total detachment from the daily tumult. Steam baths are also beneficial for your figure, since they favor water elimination. But if it is not backed up by a regular exercise rpogram and a dietary regimen, the weight loss will be short-lived.

Water curtain - cervical massage

It is one of the best anti-stress remedies, the ideal solution for inducing a state of calm after a taxing period. Aided by water jets, cervical massage relaxes the body and eliminates all accumulated tension, thus preventing chronic pain and the onset of some health issues.

Dry Sauna

Sauna is a two-stage bath, that alternates heating and cooling. Air temperature in the sauna room ranges between 80 and 120 degrees, with relative humidity between 5% and 15%.

Sauna can temper the body against colds and can alleviate neurovegetative disorders. Raising body temperature to as high as 39° C has an effect similar to febrile states, which kill pathogens that cannot survive temperatures higher than 37° C. The body, overheated from the sauna, comes into contact with a cold bath, which relaxes muscles, lowers blood pressure, activates blood circulation and the immune system, improves respiration and substance exchanges while also eliminating harmful substances from the body, via perspiration.


  • Stress reduction
  • Toxin elimination
  • Adipose tissue elimination
  • Strengthening of the immune system

Experience Showers

Showers with alternating pressures, temperatures and aromas. It is a sensory exhilaration that combines the benefits of cold and hot water, aromatherapy and chromotherapy, for a sheer ravishment of the senses.

Kneipp Baths

A complex system of water treatments, consisting of lavages, baths, streams and steam, with both cold and hot water.

The procedure: involves submerging the legs in warm water for 2 minutes, and then in the cold bath for no longer than 1 minute.

The process is repeated 3-4 times, the procedure ending with a cold bath, after which the legs will be wrapped in a towel until they warm up and the water dries off. After this bath, it is advisable to sit with the legs slightly elevated in the relaxation room.


  • Improved blood circulation
  • Preventative of insomnias  
  • Curative for varicose veins  
  • Lowered arterial pressure  
  • Strengthened immune system

Recommended to those with a history of heart conditions, varicose veins or sleep disorders.


The water is constantly being filtered through a continuous circuit - on one side, waves of pressurized hot water come in, on the other, cooler water is drained, maintaining a constant water and temperature level. Recommended length for a Jacuzzi session is 15 - 20 minutes.  


  • Total relaxation and stress elimination
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Treatment for muscle and articulation pains as well as those of the skeletal system
  • Stimulates the metabolism; used frequently, can lead to faster weight loss
  • Improved blood circulation


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