Body Massage

Healing Hot Stone - 60 min

A unique mix of manual massage and hot stone massage. Radiated heat relaxes the muscles, favors sweating and aids in toxin diminution. Noteworthy benefits include: improved blood circulation, elimination of back pains, muscle pains, anxiety. 

Deep Tissue - 60 min

A therapeutic massage that focuses on realigning the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. The main feature of this massage is the extremely intense pressure applied in areas with chronic muscle tension. The therapist breaks down adherences accumulated in muscles, tendons and ligaments, by using direct pressure against the grain of the sore muscle. This type of massage can be beneficial to those suffering from chronic inflammations, physical stress, tense muscles and muscle pains.

Neck, Back & Shoulder - 30 min 

Muscle-relaxant massage of the neck, back and shoulders, reducing muscle tension caused by stress and incorrect posture.  Of great help is the aroma of the massage oil, adapted to your needs. 

Champissage – head, neck and face therapy - 30 min

Champissage is a massage technique that focuses on the head, face and neck. It is derived from traditional Ayurvedic medicine, in India, where head and neck care is a common part of the medical treatment and of general wellbeing. Champissage balances the flow of energy around the head, promoting equilibrium and wellbeing. Head massage is also beneficial for blood flow around the scalp and stress reduction, so that even those that don't believe in the idea of manipulating the body's energy field can still benefit from the Champissage session. The message is meant to be profoundly relaxing and calming, and is often offered at spas. The Champissage technique is suitable for people of all ages, regardless of physical fitness, being a delicate and non-invasive massage technique. Releases tension in the cervical region and stimulates blood flow at scalp level.  The aim is to achieve optimal relaxation in a relatively short time and to maintain a state of equilibrium for an extended period. It is an ideal technique for those that spend too much time in front of a computer or at a desk.

Therapeutic massage - 30 min

The therapeutic massage is beneficial in treating various conditions, injuries and evolutionary disorders,  acting as recuperative treatment in case of slow progress of the healing process of pathological sequelae. Essential oils are used in alleviating symptoms of scoliosis, kyphosis and other conditions of the back, while at the same time strengthening the immune system.

Relaxing massage - 60 min

The relaxation massage can be considered an art and a science of healing. Relaxation massage offers a subtle way of non-verbal communication, of sharing energy or of experiencing the joys of relaxation and mental peace. Combat daily stress with a relaxation massage, which helps eliminate toxins from the body and improves lymph and blood circulation. 

Guinit aromatic massage - 60 min

A natural, manual treatment which utilizes essential lemon, orange and grapefruit oils, clay, sugar cane and kiwi extracts.

Dedicated relation treatment

Kiwi sugar scrub - The 100% natural Kiwi and sugar scrub helps remove dead skin cells. This scrub helps prepare the skin to receive active skin-care ingredients. Anti-stress massage - this relaxation and energization massage utilizes esential oils for a pure moment of bliss.

Weight-lose treatment

Anti-cellulite massage with essential oils - the therapist's skilled hands use the detoxifying anti-cellulite oil to treat the abdomen and redefine the silhouette.  Sauna Mask Anti-Retention Treatment - the Sauna Mask clay and green tea filters strain excess water for an immediate slimming effect

Anti-cellulite massage - 45 min

Anti-cellulite massage influences cellular metabolism and the gland system through accelerated calorie consumption and eliminates excess water retained in tissues in order to lose weight. Consequently, it improves blood circulation, activates the venous system in order to faster eliminate metabolic residues accumulated at cellular level and has a local lymph drainage effect, thus  restoring the elasticity and tone of skin and hypodermal tissues.


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