LPG - Huber Motion Lab

LPG - HUBER MOTION LAB - the 3D exercises of choice for Hollywood stars - 35 min

Details: 3D Exercises - LPG Huber Motion Lab

Enjoy the benefits of cardio, stretching, pilates and toning techniques, all in one session.

This complex 3D exercise equipment is favored by Hollywood stars for the natural sculpting of the perfect figure. LPG Huber Motion Lab is a revolutionary technology with applications not only in aesthetics, but in health and sports performance as well.

An oscillating platform focuses on the lower body, a column focuses on the back, and the motion-sensitive handles capture upper-body force, detecting and correcting muscular imbalances. The whole body gets a workout! All muscles are being put in motion, and the metabolism is being stimulated to function correctly, so that you can achieve a perfect figure in record time. Spectacular proven results, achieved in short time! Reduces body fat, increases muscle mass and lowers blood pressure.

Proven effectiveness after 20 sessions:

  • -10% body fat
  • +2 kg muscle mass
  • -3cm from around the waisline
Benefits of the LPG - Huber Motion Lab
  • Slender figure
  • Firm, toned arms
  • Healthy back and posture
  • Flat stomach
  • Defined waistline
  • Shapely, firm thighs and buttocks
  • Sculpted legs
  • Straight neck posture
LPG - Huber Motion Lab Programs
  • ANDROID programs (stomach, back, arms) - fortify the back, straighten posture, tone arms, slim the waist and flatten the stomach
  • GYNOID programs (thighs, buttocks, legs) - eliminate localized fat, restructure buttocks, slim hips
  • Full-body programs - improve posture and remakes the figure, for a supple, pleasant look
  • Anti-cellulite programs - treat, hasten and improve the natural cellulite drainage process, burning body fat
  • Firming and shaping programs - shape and tone the whole body, to remake contours
  • Cellulite-reduction programs - tone superficial muscles to smoothen skin
  • Programs for men - straighten posture, fortify biceps, define stomach muscles and tone buttocks
  • SPORT laboratory - work and fortify a muscle in only 5 minutes


Working hours:

Monday - Saturday: 08.00 - 22.00

Reservations and information:

Andreea Frunza
0233 742 246 / 0740.688.272