Personalized Services Details

The modern man in top form

THe modern man pays much attention to grooming and physical aspect, but also appreciates moments of relaxation. On the other hand, let's not forget that men (Greeks and Romans) would visit spas since ancient times.

Gent’s Reviving Ritual - 150 minutes:

Escape from daily stress and grant yourself some relaxation! The spa experience begins with a hydromassage in Spa Oceana, which relaxes tense muscles, follows with a body scrub to remove dead cells, and peaks with a relaxing massage.

Pole Position Treatment - 150 minutes

Successful people know that, from time to time, they need to "recharge their batteries" to always be in top shape and have a clear mind. Start your visit at the spa, in the wet area, to prepare the body and to allow the active ingredients to more easily penetrate the skin. Fatigue and muscle tension will "melt" away under the Deep Tissue massage.

Couples spa experience

There's a thousand romantic things you can do together with your partner, from the morning coffee to a boat ride. Yet an indisputably romantic activity surely is a jacuzzi bubble-bath followed by a massage session. This moment can become an unforgetable spa experience.

Couples Healing Hot Stone - 60 minutes

Complete relaxation for harony within the couple. At Velvet Beauty & Spa center, this exquisite ritual delights hte senses and spreads good mood in an intimate atmosphere. For the experience to be complete, we offer you a final indulgence with champagne and chocolate.

Aromatic Couple Massage - 60 minutes

A couples relaxation massage, complemented by a natural-ingredient, whole-body exfoliation. The massage is more efficient, the skin more prepared, it will last longer... and all of this takes place in a room specially-prepared for a much-welcome relaxation.

Bachelorette party

We guarantee you a welcome indulgence for a bride overwhelmed by the trot of organizing the perfect wedding, and a wonderful opportunity for a full day of girl-only fun, perfect to mark the grand occasion.

A group ritual designed for a special girls' moment!

Bride's delight

1 x Guinot aromatic massage


5 x Champissage Massage 30 minutes

  • Fruit, chocolate, champagne, tea and elation on the house
  • The package can be customized depending on number of guests and each group's preferences regarding included services. For additional details, please contact us in advance.