State-of-the-art Technology


Ultratone Futura Pro is a body and facial therapy machine which uses the newest, most revolutionary concept: the bioptic stimulation system, one that combines the energizing and cicatrizant properties of optic rays with the bio-stimulation of electric current, the rejuvenation micro-current and ultrasound transmission.  Read more

All these for a complete remodeling and rejuvenation of the body.
Along with the usual body therapies (slimming, toning, cellulite, post-natal, detox, limph drainage), Ultratone Futura Pro includes therapeutic programs: rehabilitation, acupuncture, reflexology, anti-spasm, massage, anti-stress

Ultratone Futura Pro includes an effective facial bio-stimulation for non-surgical lifting, due to its incorporated Facial Activator with over 1000 facial bioptic impulses, for spectacular results. The machine indicates the number of sessions the client needs, the frequency of the sessions and what areas need to be treated.

Anthelia Anthelia NG

Anthelia Anthelia NG, your new beauty partner specialized in permanent PHOTOEPILATION and PHOTOREJUVENATION Read more

  • The Anthelia NG is the most efficient and quick EF Beauty system.
  • Maximum efficiency in vascularity treatments.
  • White hair permanent epilation patent.
  • Wide treatment area (7.5 cm2)
  • clinically proven efficiency in PHOTOREJUVENATION and PHOTOEPILATION
  • Specialized treatment applicators: (30.000 or 60.000 flashes)

UltraSun I6 vertical sunbed

The I6 is the first model from the I-Series line. Extremely easy to access and designed to fit in any space. Read more

The Ultra-Sun I6 sunbed is the secret to the perfect tan, with its 42 Premium Sunfit 180W (190 cm) lamps, positioned all around. Can optionally be fitted with a dressing room, ideal for any space when wishing to change.

Specifications: Smart cooler, SmartService, SmartSpeakers, SmartControl.

Spa-Oceana DermaLife

Spa-Oceana is the first capsule of the Dermalife family to combine Hydrofusion™, infrared heat, and steam, with a Vichy shower system, all in a tube-type system that utilizes air-jet massage and hydrotherapy. Read more

  • Increases the effectiveness of results in all body treatments
  • Skin regeneration
  • Improved sin texture and tone
  • Natural detoxification
  • Natural weight loss
  • Improved penetration of active ingredients
  • Improves skin hydration
  • A luxury heat source
  • Personalized face and body treatments
  • Excellent visualization
  • Sauna alternative
  • "Spa-In-A-Box" approach
  • Private setting, comfortable for the client
  • Efficient time management
  • Improves treatment results

CELL-METER - cellulite diagnosis machine

The kit includes 3 thermographic tests with centimeter. The bands contain different thermal gradients, so as to be used throughout the year and on all subjects that need to be examined. Read more

A booklet with 10 charts is also included in the kit, to record the data from the thermographic test and measurements. The kit comes with an instruction manual, scientific documentation and an explanatory poster.

  • Kit with at least 3 thermographic tests with centimeter.
  • Bands with different thermal gradients.
  • 10 charts for recording data from the thermographic test and measurements.
  • Instruction manual
  • Scientific documentation
  • Explanatory poster.
Allows the user to detect the onset of cellulite in extremely early stages, when manual systems fail to do so, classifies the main stages of cellulite formation and, thus, makes customizing the treatment easy for each particular case, objectively presenting the painless treatment to follow. The thermographic test is easy, harmless, painless and repeatable. Our thermographic systems don't require specific maintenance or special skills.

Tanita - body composition analyzer

A professional scale that detects body composition in 10 seconds, with astounding accuracy Read more

The machine boasts an extremely detailed display and a printer for notes that provide details on analyzed parameters. Easier to use due to its modern design and stand. Accurately measures weight, impedance, fat percentage, muscle mass, fat mass, composition per body segments.

Unlike other types of composition analyzers, it calculates the amount of body fat to be lost or gained to reach normal fat percentage levels.